Educational Program

The school’s program is based on American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards, a set of standards developed by the American State Department for American schools overseas. More details can be found at

Our early childhood education features a balanced program allowing the children to learn and grow in a nurturing and welcoming school environment. We place special emphasis on the children’s social and emotional development. Students learn through fun and engaging classroom and outdoor activities. The children’s well-being is paramount to their academic success. For this reason, we work with the children to help them develop the character traits and the values needed for today’s complex world.

In addition to their core classes in Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities, primary grades children have classes in Information & Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Physical Education as well as foreign languages. Both Arabic and French are introduced in pre-school and taught until the end of high school. This rich and balanced curricular offering allows the children to thrive and to explore their passions and interests.


Beyond the classroom, the School is a vibrant community with a range of activities: cultural, academic, artistic, and interest-based. Our young children participate in field trips, co-curricular activities, school concerts, assemblies, etc. These activities and events nurture the children’s curiosity and develop their sense of exploration. An ASM student is a well-rounded individual with very strong academic skills, excellent character as well as a rich global perspective.

Field Trips

ASM values school excursions as they contribute to the development of our students by helping them become more well-rounded young men and women who possess knowledge of classical antiquity, stronger critical-thinking skills, increased empathy, higher levels of tolerance, and a greater appreciation for art and culture. The cultural heritage of the region is like no other in that it offers art, museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our Lower School field trip program affects students’ values and exposes them to a diversity of ideas, peoples, places, and time periods. Hands-on and virtual enrichment opportunities impart greater understanding and appreciation, as well as cultivate an interest among our students, so they return to these cultural institutions in the future.