On behalf of our community, I welcome you to the American School of Benguerir.


ASB opened its doors in September 2021 in brand new facilities located in the city of Benguerir, near University Mohammed VI Polytechnique, in the centre of the future “Green City”. We currently offer classes from Age 2 to Grade 8. We plan to open High school classes in September 2024 in our Brand new facility.

ASB is governed by the American School of Tangier Corporation, a non-profit organization registered in the state of Delaware that governs two other American schools in Morocco: The American School of Tangier (opened in 1950) and The American School of Marrakesh (opened in 1995). Their graduates attend universities of their choice in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in other European countries, in Canada, in Morocco and other countries.

Both the American schools of Tangier and Marrakesh are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and are fully recognized by the US Department of State and the Moroccan Government under the Bilateral Agreement signed in 2013 by the Moroccan and the American governments. As its sister schools, ASB will seek accreditation by MSA and will apply for recognition under the Bilateral Agreement. ASB will also apply for accreditation by the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer the IB programs from the Primary Years to the Diploma.

We cater to the needs of the whole child. As is the case at ASB’s sister schools, students are challenged to do their best, in a safe and caring environment. Our goal is to prepare young graduates who will be able to think creatively and critically, and who will have the motivation and the tools needed to learn throughout their lives.

ASB is a College Preparatory school committed to providing an inspirational and balanced learning environment. Its curriculum is based on AERO standards (American Education Reaches Out), a program developed by the US Department of State for American schools overseas.

All courses are taught in English, with the exception of Arabic and French language classes (From pre-school to the end of high school).

The school provides a wireless environment and modern Information technology facilities allow students and teachers to access a wide range of sites and online resources. It also offers a stimulating program of co-curricular activities for all ages, including sports, visual arts, music, community service activities, debating, math, technology and science enrichment activities.

The student body will be culturally diverse, as the school will welcome students whose parents work at University Mohammed VI Polytechnic or one of its affiliates, and students from the local community.

In its first year, ASB will offer classes from Pre-Kindergarten (for two-year old children) to Grade 8. High School classes will open in September 2024.

    • From Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1, all children will be accepted regardless of their mother tongue.
    • From Grade 2 to Grade 8, children who have not been exposed to English will be able to join the school by entering a special immersion program called “Introductory Program”: they will follow a customized educational program and will be mainstreamed into their regular classes as soon as they are ready.

All teachers will be certified to teach their subject in their country of origin and will have native-like fluency in the language in which they teach. The Faculty will include teachers from the US, from other countries around the world, and from Morocco. All will be given professional development opportunities on campus and outside, throughout their stay at ASB.

Teachers in early grades will be supported by Assistant Teachers who have a Bachelor of Arts or a Master’s Degree, and are fluent in English.

To support students in their learning, the school will offer a range of services including:

      •   A Learning Support Department for students experiencing learning difficulties
      •   A Library with extensive book collections in English, Arabic and French as well as digital subscriptions
      •   A Guidance Counselor (For High School students)
      •   A College Counselor
      •   A Nurse and a School Doctor (on call)

As you can see, the school has everything it needs to provide an outstanding education to your children.

To learn more about our school, we invite you to visit our website and to attend one of our Open Houses. We will be delighted to take you for a tour of our school, to introduce you to our philosophy and program, and to answer your questions.

We look forward to meeting with you.


Jean Brugniau
Head of School

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