We will be offering a second session of the after-school activities program that will start on February 6 and end on June 10.

After School activities allow students to pursue personal interests, to discover new activities and to develop new skills. Such programs promote physical health and also support social, emotional, cognitive and academic development.

Please review the schedule of activities proposed for this second session and choose one or more activities based on your child’s interest and grade level. Please note that:

  • If your child no longer wants to join an activity, he/she’s enrolled in (sometimes the day is too long for some children), you’ll be informed, and he/she will be replaced by another child from the waiting list.
  • If you register your child in an activity not designated for his grade level, his/her name will be automatically removed from the list of children registered in this activity.

Please complete a separate form for each child and choose only one activity per day.

The minimum number of students needed to start an activity is four. Activities may be canceled due to low enrolment.

To enroll your child, please complete the form below: Students will be placed on a first come first served basis: please try to complete the form before Monday, February 6th.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing this form, please contact Ms. Salma Chenouf at +212 (0) 661-848-937 / [email protected].

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