Who can enroll at ASB?

The American School of Benguerir is open to all students who meet our admission requirements. Please consult our Admissions Policy for more information on priority of admissions. ASB also accepts students (Grades 2 to 6), from age 8 to 11, who speak little to no English into our self-contained ESL class.

Can students with no English enroll at ASB?

Students with little or no English, up to Grade 6 (12 years old) can enroll at ASB. These students will follow a special intensive English program for one year in the Introductory Class. Intro. students join the regular education program with their age groups for Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, French and Arabic. The Introductory Class students are gradually integrated into their regular class for all other subjects as soon as they acquire the proficiency level required for the regular program.

If my child is admitted to ASB, when can s/he start?

Once acceptance is confirmed, the student may start as soon as the family completes all the registration requirements. After all requirements are met, we require a three-day period before the student can officially join classes.

What does conditional admission mean?

Conditional Admission refers to acceptance of a student into ASB with conditions, for a defined period of time. Students admitted on a conditional basis are under academic probation for one school year.

How can I schedule a campus tour?

Should you wish to visit our school, please contact the Admissions Office to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to meet with you, discuss our programs and answer your questions.

How long does it take to process my child’s application?

Processing time varies from one case to another, but it usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks.

Does ASB test all prospective students?

Prospective students in grades 2 and higher will sit in for an Admissions Entrance Screening Test. Computer-based tests are administered in English and Mathematics.

Does ASB accept students mid-year?

Students who qualify will be considered if spots are available.

What is the refund policy?


      • Registration, Application, Testing, and Development fees are nonrefundable.


      • 10% Tuition Deposit: the 10% tuition deposit is nonrefundable after April 30th.
      • Tuition is refundable on a prorated basis if the School is informed of the student’s departure before October 15th. After this date, tuition is nonrefundable.

What diploma will my child get from ASB?

ASB is a college preparatory school. Our graduates receive an American High School Diploma that allows them to attend universities anywhere in the world. Most of our students go on to pursue their higher education in North American universities, specifically in the States and Canada. A significant number of our students attend universities in the UK.

When does school start?

School starts the first week of September and ends mid June.

What is the average class size at ASB?

The average class size at ASB is expected to be around 15.

Does ASB offer financial aid/scholarships?

ASB does not offer any form of financial aid/scholarships for the time being.

Does ASB have a transportation service?

ASB provides no transportation services at this moment.

Does ASB have a cafeteria?

ASB will not have a cafeteria in its first year of operation but plans to open one in September 2023. In 2022 – 23, students will bring their own lunch from home, or will be able to order lunch from a lunch provider approved by the school.

What college and universities do ASB students attend after graduation?

We anticipate that the majority of ASB graduates will attend universities in the US, the UK and Canada, as do their peers from the American schools of Tangier and Marrakech. Several students may also decide to attend universities throughout Europe, while a small group may select schools in the Middle East or in Morocco.